A celebration of San Diego’s Diverse Jazz Scene.

Submission Period: September 1st - December 15th

What is the San Diego Jazz Anthology?
Imagine opening the Real Book, and every name you read on every composition was a San Diego musician. That’s the idea behind the San Diego Jazz Anthology! The goal of this book is to celebrate the talent that makes our music scene so special. In addition to original compositions, the SDJA will also contain photography depicting the vibrant jazz scene around San Diego.
How do I submit my music?
You’ll find guidelines on how to submit your music, as well as a button to click which says “Submit Your Composition”, at the bottom of this page.
Can I submit arrangements of other compositions?
We ask that no arrangements be submitted. Our goal is to showcase San Diego’s jazz musicians as composers.
How will compositions be chosen?
Every composition will go through an anonymous panel of judges. The judges will read through every piece of music and will select compositions based on certain criteria. In order to ensure a completely unbiased selection process, the name of the composer will be removed from the composition before the judges are given access to the music.  After the selection process, the composition will be sent to a copyist.
Why will my music be sent to a copyist?
SDEAG anticipates some composers being Sibelius users, while others will be Finale users. Therefore, it can be expected that there will be minute differences in font styles, staff spacing, chord symbol sizes, etc. All compositions will be sent to a copyist so that the final publication will contain a uniform font for every piece.
Will SDEAG own any of the copyright to my music?
No. The composers will retain copyrights to their creations.  Composers will only license SDEAG to print the compositions for the first time and to sell the book as an anthology of compositions. All reprint rights and any other associated rights remain with the original creators, not SDEAG. 
 Where will the book be available for purchase?
You will be able to purchase the book on Amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, as well as through SDEAG.org.
Where do all of the proceeds from the sale of the book go?
All proceeds go back to SDEAG.org, a registered 501(c) 3 organization. They support our philanthropic endeavors including the San Diego Poetry Annual, student workshops, events, and future volumes of the San Diego Jazz Anthology.

If you have any additional questions, or have a question that you believe should be added to the FAQ, please e-mail them to sandiegojazzanthology@gmail.com

Please check back by September 1, 2017 for additional updates.